About Otocab

Otocab was established from humble beginnings in the buzzing Western Australian City of Perth in 2019 by its parent company Otocab Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. We are an innovative, safe to use transport service with a fast paced ethos towards customer service, entrepreneurship and empowerment, deeply rooted on operating in the taxi and delivery industries. 

As a business, we value any feedback regarding our customer service to you as we strive to become the NUMBER ONE ride hailing service in all the markets which we operate in so that we can provide a seamless and enjoyable service to you, our customer.

Why choose Otocab?

Otocab amongst other core business structures provides products for mobile app solutions, effortless merchant payment services, food delivery and digital solutions advertising that reaches captive audiences of millions all over the world.

The company’s footprint now proudly stretches onto the African continent with a well-received base in Egypt and an operation setup in South Africa. 

Our aim is to provide customers/clients with a service second to none with a focus on 3 key touchpoints:

We view each and every one of our customers as special and valuable to our business model.

We are critical in valuing the most important customer, women. This is why we also have an array of FEMALE-ONLY options on our mobile platforms to enhance the safety of every woman that utilizes any of our services.

Our drivers are vetted and screened through a rigorous security process to ensure the safety and comfort of every passenger who uses any of our services.

Oto Mission

The Otocab commitment aims to deliver a quality product to you, our valued customer and to create a very comprehensive mobile platform that makes it easy to navigate, feel safe and be comfortable using our services, wherever in the world you are. Whether you are foreign to a city that we operate in, we are committed to making your journey as safe and comfortable as possible, even when you are not sure how to get there! Our round the clock 24 hour 7 day a week service will get you there with a smile and Otocab sleek service that you can count on.

Oto Vision

To provide access to year-round customer centric service with the absolute best in mobility services through the creation of world class processes that are known to provide excellence and will be recognized internationally as the leading service provider in all territories that we operate in, including a reduced wait time and convenience to you.

24 hour centric style

Even in the middle of the night or on weekends, call on Otocab from your smartphone, regardless of time!

Spoilt for Otochoice

Choose from a variety of Otocab vehicles to suit your needs, from the palm of your hands!

Otocab Covid-19 Response

The Covid-19 pandemic across the globe has reminded us to keep our health as a top priority because it is the most precious resource we have. We at Otocab have put health security at the centre of our service because we value the health and safety of all our drivers and customers. As the on-going COVID-19 pandemic continues its course, we need to collectively work together to help stop its spread. As such, we have introduced new health and safety protocols, based on the guidelines of local public health authorities, to support flattening the curve.

Mask on for your Journey!

Surgical-style or covered in pretty sequins; whatever yours looks like, a regulation mask is now part of your outfit. Your driver or passenger will be wearing one and you’ll also need to, from start to finish.

Otocab Covid-19 Safety Measures (Drivers)

⦁ Kindly wear a mask or other face covering over their mouth and nose at all times while driving.
⦁ During your ride, our drivers will sanitize passenger seats and high touch areas in the vehicle.
⦁ Our drivers will be equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE), provided for to them.

Otocab Covid-19 Safety Measures (Drivers)

⦁ Customers must wear a mask or other face covering over their mouth and nose for the entire duration of their ride.
⦁ Wash or sanitize hands before and after their rides.
⦁ Refrain from sitting in the front passenger seat and respect the space of their driver.
⦁ Have their window rolled down, when and if possible.
⦁ Limit their ride sharing to those within their immediate household or inner circle.
⦁ Stay home if they are feeling ill or are presenting symptoms of COVID-19.

Taking all precautions

Gels, masks, disinfectant and protective screens – we help you with the resources you need to stay safe from COVID-19. And we send reminders to your passengers to help them comply with local health recommendations.