What makes Otocab Rider unique?

We are driven by safety, partnerships and benefits

Otocab with Peace of Mind

Otocab subscribes to thorough safety and health standards and measures to ensure that each passenger is delighted with our service. We know that you care about the environment and that’s why we compensate the CO₂ of your trip by protecting the environment in every car we have on our roads.

Fair and Competitive Pricing

You will always know the price of the trip before ordering it, without scares, without surprises and disappointments. Our prices are cutting edge and better than the rest.

Timeous Otocab Pickups + Payment Modes

Request a ride for now or book it for later with our amazing time scheduling solutions. You have the freedom of easy payment with our different payment methods.

Contactless travel

To protect everyone who moves with us, we encourage contactless travel, thus following the recommendations of the WHO and local governments.

Safety Protocols of OctoCab

We are prepared in case of contagion, since we have clear protocols to protect everyone’s health.

OctoCab OTP Rider Comfort

We are Our Mobile App also includes an OTP (One-Time-Pin) option which is unique to our business model for your safety and comfort. Here’s how it works:

  • OTP – once the driver picks up the request , he will be able to see a 4 digit box on his Driver App where the input will be received from the user.
  • The user will be able to see driver’s details immediately.
  • Once he accepts the ride, the details of that trip also include the OTP.
  • The driver enters the OTP and clicks on SUBMIT on the mobile app.
  • Only when both OTPs match will the ride resume.
  • Each rider may share the trip with family members or friends and this will show the vehicle and the journey location on their map.
  • The OTP will make sure that the trip starts on time and will not calculate more on the customer’s behavior.
  • The OTP is also accompanied by an SOS button to contact relevant authorities in case of an emergency (this emergency log will also reflect immediately on our internal system ) then promt us to despatch an emergency response team to wherever location you are.