Otocab Services

Earn money on your own terms

In this tough economic climate many businesses are working hard to cut costs whilst remaining productive. Otocab understands this & utilizes the concept of internet transport which leverages big data technologies to match people’s riding needs and recognizes a need for affordable transportation services, offering a solution for your ground transport budget that makes you and your bottom line look good.

  • Our ride hailing service gives you all the benefits of executive travel at a fraction of the price.
  • You can order on line or on the app for your convenience.
  • All orders placed are assigned to our Executive Taxi drivers and the Executive Taxi Division monitors the orders to ensure they are not just on time but a few minutes early.

We are revolutionizing traditional roadside taxi hailing and making urban transportation more convenient and efficient, at the same time increasing the income for all our Otocab drivers. Our technology and platform is actively engaged in the transformation and upgrade of the traditional taxi industry, working towards the rapid integration of this industry into the ridesharing business so that passenger and driver share equal value.